Program philosophy
Our philosophy centers on the ‘whole child’. Children are respected and accepted unconditionally, regardless of family dynamics, ethnic background or origin, culture, socio-economic status or physical or mental challenges. Our program is implemented through the ‘learning through play’ philosophy. Children learn through direct interaction with their environment. Keeping this in mind, it is our intent to offer challenging activities in which the children are enabled and encouraged to be actively involved in learning.

Delivery of Program
Our program is based on the knowledge of the stages of child development and promotes the total development of each child. We use Nipissing Developmental Screening Tool to record the development and progress of children.

We provide a wide variety of toys and play centers. Those include dramatic play, sand, water, blocks, creative art, library, floor and table toys, and fine motor activities. Our trained caregivers incorporate live piano music into the programming.

Each child under 3 years of age receives ‘daily reports’ about their day such as nap time, feedings, diaper changes and the highlights of their day.

Goals and Objectives
Our quality programs for each age group are based on children’s interest.

      • We promote children’s social, emotional, cognitive and physical growth and development.
      • We facilitate the growth in each area with developmental appropriate activities that encourage children to play independently as well as in small and large groups.
      • We recognize, promote and celebrate diversity of culture and ethnicity.
      • We provide good nutrition to help children to reach optimal development.
      • We established and maintain collaborative relationship in the community
      • We promote an open, cooperative and supportive relationship with each of our families.

Field trips

Exploring the outside world is an important part of the learning process. Field trips provide children with first hand experiences and opportunities to observe, explore and ask questions. The children go on frequent trips off the centre grounds to various neighborhood parks and attraction, such as Prince’s Island Park, Olympic Plaza, Devonian Gardens (when open), Eau Claire Market, Public Library, Police and Fire stations.

Parental Involvement
We encourage and welcome parental involvement in the daycare. Through parent/staff interaction, we provide an environment that will benefit the children. The daycare plans and organizes special events for parents, such as Mother’s and Father’s Days tea, Christmas Party etc. We also have an open door policy and invite parents to visit the centre at any time